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aniable: - able to be brought to life

About and Aniable LLC

What does aniable mean?
Aniable is a new word, you won't find it in any dictionary. Not yet, at least. I made it up. As an adjective it means "able to be brought to life." As a noun, it is the name of my company Aniable LLC.

What does Aniable LLC do?
That should be at least a little obvious from this "Front" page. We do software of various kinds including Windows applications - (see below) Web applications and specialized web-sites (see and below) and others to come yet (see "More to Come")

Who is Aniable LLC?
Mostly, it's just me. David Trump. No, I'm not related to that other "Trump". I'm "we" because Aniable LLC is a Limited Liability Company registered in the State of Wyoming. It consist of me and some cheerleaders: my wife, our three offspring (they're certainly not "children" any longer) and our six grand-children along with the kind help of a collection of wonderful friends.

What is for? is the "Central Hub" of our Aniable LLC empire! (That's a joke folks.) Here we give you some information about our company and links to each of our product lines. In the future it will also allow you to centrally manage your Aniable account in one convenient place. (That's all part of the "More to Come" stuff and it's a big secret - but stay tuned - I think you'll enjoy it.)

The Websites of Aniable LLC:

  Go to: (We publish Windows and Web software)
On our AniableSoftware site you will find our currently available Windows software offerings including some interesting free products. Click the link to go to that site. It's in the beta stage right now but will be open for business soon.

  Go to: (We promote self-published writers and authors)
The publishing business is going through a period of big changes. It is returning more and more (and faster and faster) to the old "self publishing" model. Two hundred years ago most authors published their own work - the giant publishing houses that we've come to accept as "the norm" didn't, for the most part, exist. is a website where self-published authors can enhance and promote their work. It is not a sales site, but links to the services through which authors sell copies of their work. It serves both digital and print-on-demand items. Beyond that, however AniLibre provides a place where authors can present additional material to enhance their readers' experiences.

  Go to: (We provide software licensing tools for developers)
PrimeLock is a registration system for downloadable (try-it-before-you-buy-it) software. As a tool for software publishers it provides a secure and hacker resistent (nothing is completely hacker proof) method of generating unique registration codes for customers. For software buyers, it offers easy and almost fool-proof method of validating a newly purchased license. (nothing is completely fool-proof - it's foolish to think so)

More to Come (We can't say any more right now - but there's more to come!)
We have big plans. They may or may not happen - soon or later - we're not sure. We have to finish getting these first three operations up and running before we spread ourselves too thin. So, stay tuned...

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